Son of the Pink Panther (1993)

Funny has a color all its own.
Comedy • 93 minutes  3.8/10
Starring: Roberto Benigni Herbert Lom Claudia Cardinale Shabana Azmi Debrah Farentino Jennifer Edwards Robert Davi Mark Schneider and others.
Released • January 1, 1993

Charles Dreyfus encounters Jacques Gambrelli, who reminds him painfully of Inspector Clouseau, the man who drove him insane. With good reason: Gambrelli is Clouseau's son.

A.K.A. DE: Der Sohn des rosaroten Panthers  ES: El hijo de la pantera rosa  FR: Le Fils de la Panthère rose  GR: Ο Γιος Του Ροζ Πάνθηρα  RU: Сын Розовой пантеры 

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